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Melanie Modica is an appraisal manager for large appraisal assignments involving a variety of properties requiring a team of specialized appraisers. She is an appraisal management specialist because she developed and created the Managing Multifaceted Assignments course for the American Society of Appraisers.  Some assignments require specialists within the same appraisal discipline while others include properties in different disciplines and different specialties.

This Principles of Valuation class that Melanie developed and instructed teaches appraisers how to successfully source, vet, contract, scope, manage, and oversee a team of appraisers working on various properties, in a large appraisal assignment.

High profile divorces, loss damages, claim settlements, and estate planning are some examples of large assignments that require multiple appraisal professionals. In valuation, personal property, real property, machinery & technical specialties, and gems & jewelry are the appraisal disciplines Melanie oversees. When business valuation is involved, Melanie coordinates and assists the lead BV appraiser as needed.

This specialized service offers clients one point of contact when a team of two or twenty-two appraisers are required to produce credible assignment results. Melanie manages accredited professionals who write valuations that comply with the Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice (USPAP), same as she produces her own USPAP complaint reports. Each appraisal management assignment is tailored to each specific client and according to the various properties involved.

Melanie Modica

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